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Infrastructure management, server administration, monitoring and support 24/7

We develop fault-tolerant infrastructure and Continuous Integration systems. With a keen eye for detail, we notice vulnerabilities before they become problems. Any problems, we fix ourselves. Available 24/7/365.


From small online stores to large projects and corporate sites

online stores

  • KupiVip
  • Амперкин
  • Кант
  • VANS
  • ЭПЛ даймонд
  • pichshop
  • WineStyle
  • iShop
  • Передвижник
  • Japancar
  • Invisible
  • allfordj
  • Олант
  • Каудаль
  • Sportiv


  • ТАСС
  • Проект1917
  • Tjournal
  • Хабрахабр
  • The Bell
  • Мультимедиа Холдинг
  • Наше Радио
  • НСН
  • Новая газета
  • ПостНаука
  • Republic
  • CarambaTV


  • Carprice
  • Делимобиль
  • Тотальный Диктант
  • Мой круг
  • Tilda Publishing
  • Findo
  • Tenderland
  • Первый ОФД
  • РЕВО
  • Lingualeo
  • Altergeo


  • Ural Airlines
  • Роза Хутор
  • Парк Горького
  • Олимпийский комитет России
  • United Traders
  • Гонка Героев
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Our services

24/7 Support

Base rate for small projects: round-the-clock technical support, response within 15 minutes, organization and management of backups and data protection, planning of project fault tolerance.

from $ 1 000
a month


Standard rate: analyze the current state of the system, plan a fault-tolerant infrastructure, build a CI/CD pipeline, deploy and build Kubernetes, organize 24/7 infrastructure support.

from $ 3 500
a month


For the most demanding projects. Dedicated team. Full support of infrastructure and applications at all stages. Guaranteed timeframe prescribed in SLA to resolve issues.

from $ 20 000
a month

Infrastructure Projects

Expert evaluation of existing infrastructure and design of system architecture from start to finish for systems of any complexity.

from $ 3 500
(from $ 25/hr)

Stress Testing

This service is perfect for organizations and online stores that want to understand the capabilities of their infrastructure, assess load limits, and get recommendations for updating the infrastructure to meet the projected load requirements

from $ 10 000

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