24/7 Tech Support

Base rate for small projects: round-the-clock technical support, response within 15 minutes, organization and management of backups and data protection, planning of project fault tolerance.

This plan includes:

  • Audit and organization of infrastructure;
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of servers;
  • 10 hours per month of basic system administration: software installation, configuration of new servers, etc.;
  • Organization and control of backups and data protection;
  • Solving problems until they are completely eliminated at no additional charge;
  • 15-minute response to a problem or customer request;
  • Strategic planning to increase the uptime of the project;
  • Increasing fault tolerance and database performance;
  • Dedicated team leader assigned to the project.

The estimated cost starts at $1 000,00 per month. We will calculate the exact price after studying the infrastructure and evaluating the system.


from $ 1 000 per month,
(VAT exempt)

–°onditions of service

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