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I've never seen a more professional MSP integrator


We are always in touch: the CRM system is available in English, messenger groups are well-designed and always live, emails are answered in minutes.

Our company provides IT and DevOps services to high-load projects worldwide. We look for skilled MSP partners which can support a wide range of modern technologies — whatever our customers need. I want to share our long experience working with ITSumma on maintaining a successful infrastructure project for one of our major customers.

During the onboarding process, ITSumma was very quick and professional. They assigned the best of their staff to learn the existing infrastructure, and were able to start fully supporting us in two days. They established knowledge sharing among their teams, allowing a "no single point of human" approach. That means we aren't subject to shifts or holidays — there's always an experienced engineer available for us.

Additionally, I'd like to mention ITSumma's monitoring and ticketing system. We have a complete overview of all our servers and consumed resources, and we get alerted on upcoming problems, together with improvement suggestions. The ITSumma guys take our infrastructure seriously: be it a small development server or the main database, we always get alerted on time. After presenting several options to solve the problem, ITSumma makes an immediate effort to resolve the issue and investigate the root of it. We never do the same work twice.

And last but not least, the communication channels. Despite being spread over the globe, with cultural differences and several time zones between us, we are always in touch: the CRM system is available in English, messenger groups are well-designed and always live, emails are answered in minutes, and I've personally met their CEO and one of the leading engineers when they came to visit me in my country for a vacation. 

When it comes to collaboration in the technical world, I want be honest — I've never seen a more professional, cost-effective, and delightful MSP integrator than ITSumma.

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