We know, that if we will come across any issues, these issues would be probably already solved by ITSumma


The team quickly understood the entire infrastructure (which included Consul, Docker, Ansible), solved some problems with the support of cloud providers (Azure) and also helped with database transfers (MongoDB), which helped Findo cut costs and simplify the infrastructure.

Findo's team is rather small, and providing support of cloud-based service with a complicated infrastructure 24/7 exclusively relying on our own resources is rather difficult. This kind of support normally requires more people and competencies. That is why we decided to seek these competencies on the side and turned to ITSumma.

Co-Founder and CEO, Menlo Park, CA
We called a number of ITSumma clients and received some very positive feedback. All their clients strongly recommended working with them. We received a good value proposition and began working together. They helped us cut costs in the maintenance of a cloud infrastructure, which we wouldn't be able to do by ourselves within the same timeframe.