The team is always available and very skilled

In face of challenges, they always came back with the right solution.
Thomas de Toledo
Culture Whisper, UK

ITSumma is always there for uswith the 24/7 coverage

Great guys to work with and scale up!
Jake Diner
Elafris, USA

We know, that if we will come across any issues, these issues would be probably already solved by ITSumma

The team quickly understood the entire infrastructure (which included Consul, Docker, Ansible), solved some problems with the support of cloud providers (Azure) and also helped with database transfers (MongoDB), which helped Findo cut costs and simplify the infrastructure.
Gary A. Fowler

As a result, the downtime tends to zero

Cooperation with ITSumma saves us a lot of time and money, and now we simply do not need to worry about monitoring servers, handling outages and backups, and so on by ourselves.
Mark Peters

ITSumma allows us to be worry-free about our infrastructure

ITSumma alerts us about technical or server issues. Moreover, other important business metrics are monitored and controlled (for example, average time to build an app). We highly value that approach.
Vasiliy Salomatov

I've never seen a more professional MSP integrator

We are always in touch: the CRM system is available in English, messenger groups are well-designed and always live, emails are answered in minutes.
Sasha Segal

I know that everything is under control with ITSumma

It's very critical for Geozilla to always stay available and give an immediate response. Any downtime, any slow response can be very critical for our clients and our business.
Igor Gonebnyy

It's very convenient working with ITSumma

We feel much more confident offering our customers uninterrupted gameplay with 24/7 support; plus, we spend less time on infrastructure and more time on developing awesome games.
Alexander Tamplon

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