Infrastructure Audit

A full audit of your infrastructure and development of improvements based on the results of the examination.

The audit is conducted in two stages:

I. Audit of monitoring and critical problems

  • Operational analysis of the current architecture to identify and address critical problems and, if necessary, make changes to the architecture
  • Audit of monitoring systems in the existing infrastructure
  • Improvement of monitoring systems based on identified infrastructure features
  • Audit of the failure alert system
  • Improvement and adjustment of the failure alert system based on identified infrastructure features
  • Audit of the organization of duty shifts, proposals for improvement based on our own company’s experience
  • Audit of escalation plan within the technical support department
  • Documentation based on the audit results

II. Audit of infrastructure

  • Analysis of infrastructure stability
  • Audit of the reliability of backup systems, suggestions for improvement
  • Analysis of the operation of project backup systems, proposals for improving backup systems, organization of a plan for regular switching to the backup site
  • Analysis of DBMS operation, suggestions for improvement
  • Consultations on working with technologies from the Apache Foundation and their applicability in the company's infrastructure
  • Documentation with recommendations for applying the proposed changes in the operation of the company's infrastructure


from $ 20 000
(VAT exempt)

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