EnterprisePlus Plan

For the most demanding projects. Dedicated team. Full support of infrastructure and applications at all stages. Guaranteed timeframe prescribed in SLA to resolve issues.

Complete customer support

Dedicated support team, including developers with experience building high-load projects and system engineers with with 10 years of experience building fault-tolerant infrastructures.

Best DevOps practices and time-tested technologies. We provide consultations on possible solutions while working closely with our clients.

We build business continuity plans and DRP protocols, plus analyze possible vulnerabilities and eliminate them to work with the DRP - all within a guaranteed timeframe.

We create full project documentation in compliance with recognized standards and conduct field meetings and master classes with technical specialists and managers.

We build CI/CD and manage Kubernetes. We have a lot of experience in supporting Apache-stack applications.

Experience with large government and commercial customers.

Services include:

  • Full support system: system architect, 4 leading devops engineers, application-level maintenance engineers, fault-tolerant infrastructure consultants, 24/7 support team with 20 engineers on duty, backup engineers, and technical writers
  • SLA for reaction time within 5 minutes; for critical systems, we build automatic fault tolerance systems
  • Organization and control of backup and data protection
  • Work to resolve emergencies until they are completely eliminated at no extra charge


from $ 20 000 per month,
(VAT exempt)

–°onditions of service

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