Enterprise Plan

Standard rate: analyze the current state of the system, plan a fault-tolerant infrastructure, build a CI/CD pipeline, deploy and build Kubernetes, organize 24/7 infrastructure support. We will organize and support Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment processes, and create and enforce rules for deploying general infrastructure using IaC methodology.

Business Protection

More than just technical support. Includes planning and building infrastructure and CI/CD systems, plus continuous monitoring of technical indicators and business metrics. We will independently eliminate any problems with hosting, and point out any errors in infrastructure development and architecture.

Services include:

  • Dedicated account manager;
  • 15-minute response to any problem or customer request. For large customers, response time is reduced to five minutes;
  • Organization and control of backup and data protection;
  • Solving problems until they are completely eliminated at no additional charge;
  • 40 hours per month of basic system administration: software installation, configuration of new servers, etc.;
  • Transfer to other data center sites without time limits;
  • 24/7 live chat with technical support.

Technology stack:

  • We can write applications in Java, PHP, Erlang, Node.js, Ruby, etc., in various variations and frameworks;
  • We provide support during live operation and track problems with various databases. We do ETL - MySQL (and Galera), Postgre, Mongo, MemSQL, Cassandra, and Riak;
  • We provide analysis tools: ELK, export to Periscope, Piwik and other data processing and tracking systems (in addition to our monitoring);
  • We develop a system of deployment, integration and orchestration: Chef, Ansible, Consul, Kubernetes; help with / perform tasks in Jenkins / Teamcity / Gocd, collect containers, set up Discovery;
  • We have experience with Big Data (Kafka, Spark, Storm, Hadoop), and we’re familiar with cloud architecture (AWS, GCE, Azure).


from $3 500 per month,
(VAT exempt)

Сonditions of service

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