Infrastructure Projects

Expert evaluation of existing infrastructure and design of system architecture from scratch for systems of any complexity.


  • We offer solutions for ETL, organize and teach developers how to work with Apache-Stack or other solutions
  • We will build the infrastructure and organize the support of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) systems
  • Kafka, Cassandra / Clickhouse, Redshift, Spark processing based on Spark / Flint or in-house solutions
  • We will review the current architecture and revise in accordance with IaaC and PaaS concepts, and provide hardware isolation, rapid deployment using Kubernetes / Hashicorp stack, and Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as a code

  • Build a transparent process of integration and delivery of applications
  • Organize and support Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment
  • Create and prescribe rules for deploying general infrastructure using IaC methodology.
  • Explain the culture of development under PaaS system conditions

Install a process management platform

  • Install a platform for managing repositories, code analysis, error monitoring, testing and deployment
  • Import data from your systems
  • Prepare for high loads
  • Set up alerts for technical failures and irregularities in business processes
  • Advise and recommend the optimal architecture of the service.

Technology stack:

  • Java, PHP, Erlang, Node.js, Ruby, etc., in various variations and frameworks
  • MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, MemSQL, Cassandra, Riak
  • We provide analysis tools - ELK, export to Periscope, Piwik and other data processing and tracking systems (in addition to our monitoring)
  • Chef, Ansible, Consul, Kubernetes; help with / perform tasks in Jenkins / Teamcity / Gocd, collect containers, set up Discovery
  • Big Data (Kafka, Spark, Storm, Hadoop) and Clouds (AWS, GCE, Azure).


from $ 3 500 per month,
(from $ 25 per hour,) (VAT exempt)

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