ITSumma allows us to be worry-free about our infrastructure.
Appsgeyser provides an online self-service platform to create and monetize mobile apps. More than 4 million apps have been created at Appsgeyser since 2011.
Appsgeyser's clients are online businesses who want to use a new marketing channel for communicating and attracting new users.

The company's website is loaded with thousands of users creating thousands of apps every day, not to mention backend services that need to handle thousands of requests per second during peak hours. That's why Appsgeyser truly needs 24/7 service in case something goes wrong.

Appsgeyser is a free web platform that allows you to convert any web content into an Android app in two easy steps.
The ITSumma team has so much practical experience with technical businesses like ours, we chose to outsource the entire process, knowing it would be well-handled. In fact, the ability to predict what might go wrong is invaluable. We try to monitor the site for possible problems, rather than fix them as they arise. ITSumma alerts us about technical or server issues. Moreover, other important business metrics are monitored and controlled (for example, average time to build an app). We highly value that approach. ITSumma stands by their professionalism. We are highly satisfied with our collaboration, which allows us to be practically worry-free about our infrastructure.