About us

Let us take infrastructure support off your shoulders so you can focus on product development.

Our goals

ITSumma is a unique, robust DevOps solution with your infrastructure & data protection as our core values. We protect your sensitive assets while maximizing performance aptitude, so you're ahead of the game.

Our work process

Tired of juggling your own tech support & product development while having to keep safety measures in the back of your mind? We'll lend you a hand! Our team will make sure your infrastructure and database are bulletproof, guaranteeing smooth deployment, reliable scaling solutions, metrics monitoring, and safeguarding.

Our team

ITSumma is a team of over 100 highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets that are ready to integrate into your business. Our current client reviews highlight our reliability, expertise, and rapid reaction to arising issues, as well as 24/7 support. We believe in an individually-tailored strategic approach to complex projects, where our established processes allow us to support clients with different infrastructure complexity, ranging from a couple of servers to large-scale clusters.


From small online stores to large projects and corporate sites

online stores

  • KupiVip
  • goods.ru
  • Toy.ru
  • Амперкин
  • Кант
  • VANS
  • ЭПЛ даймонд
  • pichshop
  • WineStyle
  • iShop
  • Передвижник
  • Japancar
  • Invisible
  • allfordj
  • Олант
  • Каудаль
  • Sportiv


  • ТАСС
  • Проект1917
  • Tjournal
  • VC.ru
  • Хабрахабр
  • The Bell
  • Мультимедиа Холдинг
  • Наше Радио
  • НСН
  • Новая газета
  • ПостНаука
  • Republic
  • CarambaTV
  • anti-malware.ru


  • Carprice
  • Делимобиль
  • Тотальный Диктант
  • Мой круг
  • Tilda Publishing
  • Findo
  • Tenderland
  • Первый ОФД
  • РЕВО
  • poezd.ru
  • Lingualeo
  • Altergeo
  • Rjob.ru


  • Ural Airlines
  • Роза Хутор
  • Парк Горького
  • Олимпийский комитет России
  • United Traders
  • Гонка Героев
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